Leadership and organizational results

Touchstone sets aside focus on technique, institutional structure and tactical concentration in favor of an in-depth exploration of inner leadership and its organizational impact. The program combines personal reflection and strategy for developing structures and practices that support whole-person engagement in the workplace. The impact of this approach starts with the individual and moves to culture and the organization—and this first pilot addresses the individual dimensions.

Develop Individual Awareness:
Cultivating an authentic sense of being and resilience
  • Connect and listen to one’s inner teacher (“soul”)
  • Gain clarity of one’s own story, values and views
  • Deepen an internal sense of vocation
  • Recommit to one’s health and wellbeing
Transform Individual Behavior:
Helping people become effective and inspiring leaders
  • Develop and foster a curious and respectful nature toward others
  • Communicate with purpose and authenticity
  • Embody genuineness and reliability
  • Manage and guide with trust and confidence
Transform Organizational Culture:
Enabling good things to happen in trustworthy spaces
  • Create a sense of shared human values and purpose
  • Build a community of compassion and transparency
  • Welcome diverse views and collective wisdom
  • Align aspirations of the individual and organization
Achieve Organizational Outcomes:
Aligning engaged people within creative cultures
  • Establish rigorous and healthy meeting practices
  • Create open space and structures to explore innovation
  • Increase trust, inclusion, retention and happiness
  • Facilitate human growth and development