Values-based leadership

The Touchstone program is based in five core values that shape our thinking and inform our practices. You’ll experience how they can make a difference in your leadership, relationships and workplace.

When we show up authentically and confidently, willing to be seen as who we are, those who we live and work with are more willing to trust us in relationship and leadership. This capacity leads to transformed workplaces and organizations.
Courage is needed to persevere and be wholehearted in the challenging circumstances in which we are called to make a difference. We must be willing to risk our reputations and offer our significance for what we know to be true.
The ability to act with purpose and clarity to transform vision into tangible results is key to our credibility as leaders, and is core to engaging others with us over the long term.
Living and working with integrity requires us to develop ever-greater congruence between our inner and outer selves, to live less divided lives. To move toward such wholeness we must become more self-aware and accepting of our gifts and strengths as well as our shadows and limitations.
The capacity to extend ourselves for the sake of another person is a core element of love. Our work in collaboration with others stretches us to understand, respect, support, and have compassion for one another.